Our marketplace started in May of 2003 when we began an incredible adventure projecting what would soon be one of the first web 2.0 of the state. It was also the first exclusive marketplace for wholesalers and manufacturers of drinks. Since then we didn’t stop investing in its development. Nowadays is a powerful tool that many users use daily to collect information of prices and manage their purchase and sales of stock surplus.

Access to the parallel market

Click here to access to the parallel market through our marketplace. You can buy and sell your stock surplus with total security and discretion, as well as request better price quotes for the products you are looking for.

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Do you want to know how it works before? Of course, let me explain briefly:

Red Paralela users demand products that suppliers supply. Red Paralela is responsible for collecting and paying the merchandise to the supplier. The suppliers of Red Paralela offer their products and Red Paralela offers to all users. When the price is good there is always a buyer.

Currently the network of users covers the whole national territory of Spain and is slowly expanding to some countries of the EEC, so it is becoming a powerful tool to show new products to hundreds of distributors, potential customers all of them.

No risk, no cost, no commitment, no borders.

The market is open in Red Paralela.