Operation in the parallel market

The operation in the parallel market can be laborious, complicated and dangerous:

  • We say it is laborious because you can waste thousands of hours searching and finding suppliers that may never serve you merchandise
  • Also complicated by the complexity of laws that affect any product and that expose you to high fines and penalties:
    • labeled
    • special taxes and customs procedures
    • ecological fees or recycling of packaging
    • international brand rights
  • And finally it is dangerous because of the risks involved in purchasing:
    • multitude of companies that defraud taxes and that of bounce can splash to yours if you have bought them
    • advanced payments, even if it is a small amount as a “reserve”, that you will never recover because the legal cost is higher than the debt

Red Paralela is the firewall between your company and all this inconveniences.

This is the operation of Red Paralela in 11 steps

  1. A wholesaler offers a stock surplus to us (Red Paralela).
  2. We offer that stock to our customers.
  3. A customer is interested and sends an order to us.
  4. We send an order to the supplier.
  5. The supplier send us a proforma invoice.
  6. We send our invoice to the customer.
  7. We obtains guaraties of payment from the customer.
  8. Then, we verify and guaraty the goods and pay to the supplier.
  9. We load the goods and carry them to the customer warehouse.
  10. The customer verifies the goods and pay.
  11. We deliver the goods to the customer.

For all this we want to make you see that the best way to be in the necessary parallel market is with Red Paralela. Because Red Paralela knows perfectly the functioning of the parallel market since 1991. And because we can affirm the following:

  • The operation on the parallel market with Red Paralela is without legal risks and without financial risks.
  • The operation on the parallel market with Red Paralela is based on total confidentiality with its suppliers and customers.
  • Red Paralela is a guarantee of tranquility and success.
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