Our team is currently composed by 5 people at the office and 4 at the warehouse, with an average up to 8 years working together. For that reason we can assure that we are an expert team in the fields of international trade, logistics, wholesale distribution, finance and issues related to our activity and customers. That’s why it’s very easy for us to connect with other small or medium sized wholesalers and manufacturers interested in our services.


Our mission is to assist you in that part of your company that buys or sells out of the scope of your distribution, helping to achieve the goals keeping it competitive in the market. We put at your disposal our team, that will know how to assist you and help in what you need.

We together will realize your goals, ours too.

Trading team

Contact them for trading issues:

Susana González
+34 938 961 814 Extensión 1
+34 671 083 812

Toni Morillas
+34 938 961 814 Extensión 2
+34 627 405 665 LOGO

Accounts and finance

Contacta con ella por temas referentes a cobros o pagos o bancos.

Celia Rosales
+34 938 961 814 Extensión 4
+34 661 931 324 LOGO

Logistics and administration

Si eres transportista o si necesitas cualquier cosa relacionada con almacenamiento o con las facturas, contacta con

Carmen Jiménez
+34 938 961 814 Extensión 5
+34 696 961 905 LOGO


Joan Grau
+34 938961814 Extensión 3
+34 696961904 LOGO WHATSAPP

Jefe de almacén

For everything related to warehousing:

Fernando Guzmán
+34 938 961 814 Extensión 6
+34 696 961 913LOGO

We can contact you if you register in our web service