Services for manufacturers

Services for manufacturers

Consider the parallel trading market

If you want to sell everywhere and your distribution network is not enough, then you have to consider the parallel market. This way your products will arrive to all corners. Send us your stock surpluses and we will sell in a confidential way in the parallel market..


We introduce in our name your surplus production in the parallel market so that you can reach those wholesalers that you are not arriving at. In this way, the retailer can choose where to buy your products. You know that your distributor is not always accepted, for whatever reason, and that makes you lose sales. In that case we buy it, and we sell it to that wholesaler, competitor, to reach those customers that you are missing.

For this we give you access to, the most powerful B2B transaction portal created for wholesalers and manufacturers, where we offer you 2 options:

– Put an ad, for example to advertise a new product, attracting traffic totally segmented to your page.

– Put your special offers when you need to quickly place an amount “X” of product, being able to segment the destination of the offer by provinces. In other words, your offers will not be visible where you do not want to.

Repackaging or re-labeling service

Also in case you need to repackage or re-label any product, we can offer you this service, we have machinery and a staff specialized in that work.

Import / Export

We also import, some products from European manufacturers that rely on our knowledge of the Spanish wholesale market to introduce their products in Spain with our help. We provide them an integral logistics service.

But if you need to export to other countries you can enjoy our extensive and proven network of contacts covering practically all countries of the EU and in recent years also some points in the Asian market.


In addition we use our structure to carry out the logistics to other companies of the sector at very competitive prices. Thanks to the large number of shipments we can get the best price of shipment for each cargo. Thus we always have the best transport prices in small number of pallets shipments, by half loads, and by full loads.

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